How do I combine diverse agile competencies in a single brand image

I have been working as a freelance agile coach for 4 years and have had the pleasure of working in many different companies . My area of ​​responsibility is as colorful as the companies themselves. For almost as long, I’ve wanted to have a professional logo created for my professional appearance. But how was a logo for an agile coach supposed to look like?

With graphicsson from Berlin Köpenick I have found a competent partner to implement my logo ideas. I want my network, interested companies and colleagues to see at a glance what I stand for:

The assignment

What do you put in a logo for an agile coach? I support teams and their projects through my work and thus make both more successful. I support projects through the consistent application of Scrum, I bring teams together through the application and mediation of non-violent communication. My idea was therefore a combination of the 2 iterations in Scrum (the sprint and the day), as well as the interactions that teams and individuals have.

Scrum overview by Mike Cohn
One of the early Scrum schematics, Mike Cohn @ Mountain Goat Software

The focus of what I do is working with people. Different people in different organizations find themselves in a multitude of situations and need individual support. This is precisely why the range of my services is wide and of course I want to represent the most important aspects of my work in the logo: Agile coaching, ScrumMastery and product ownership. In addition, I offer classic project management – always based on Agile values. Short-term trainings and (workshop) moderation should not be missing either.

There is also a difficulty: I am a sole proprietor, a freelancer. I am my organization. My organization has no name other than my name. So my name has to be part of the logo.

Design phase

People, cooperation, many details of creative work should be recognizable in detail and yet presented as a harmonious whole. Not an easy job for the graphicsson team. Nevertheless, some good drafts came together quickly:

The draft that ultimately led to the new logo combined

  • a certain ease with
  • a prominent placement of the name (without visually covering people, because I want to avoid that in my work)
  • based on Scrum-iteration(s) and
  • the many activities of an Agile Coach

The new logo

Logo: Robert Kalweit -- Agile Coach
Robert Kalweit — Agile Coach: Logo

My new logo shows my services, partly iconic with people and interactions. After all, it is the focus on it that makes my corporate mission successful. In addition, it contains – stylized – the strengths that distinguish me:

  • empathy
  • communication skills
  • positive attitude
  • sociability (WOO = winning others over)
  • organizational(arranger)


So far, the logo has been very well received. I am curious: what do you think? Please leave a comment.

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