I have made it my mission to put people at the heart of value creation, because software development is a team sport. It’s a creative effort that can not be predetermined. I’ve been working in software development as a project manager, ScrumMaster, Product Owner, Agile Coaches Team Lead, JIRA-, Confluence- and all kinds of tools administrator, whiteboard-tinkerer and CHO (Chief Handicraft Officer) for more than 10 years. I’ve seen great teams outperform groups of more skilled, more knowledgeable individuals who lacked in collaboration, so I’ve focused on building great teams ever since and made it a centerpiece of all my services.

Because software development is also a rapidly changing discipline, staying in touch with project work is vital in order to give authentic and valuable advice. I’m contributing to building great teams both through taking on responsibility for one or more projects/products in whichever role and through agile coaching, agile training and advising on cultural and organizational changes.

Agile Coaching

Agile Coach

Coaching all roles inside an (aspiring) agile organization is my main focus:

  • Agile organizational design and -structure
  • Agile Coaching
  • Mentoring

Agile working

Of course I can also work — hands-on — in all roles that I’m coaching and really like to frequently flex those muscles:

  • ScrumMastery
  • Product Management / Product Ownership
  • (Technical) Project Management / Program Management
Product Owner
Project Manager

Agile and Scrum training


Trainings are a good foundation to build both Agile Coaching and Agile working on. Aligning (a) team’s knowledge of agile ways of working is essential for starting this journey together. Explaining the motivations behind established practices sparks curiosity:

  • Workshops / seminars for developers, teams and ScrumMasters
  • Workshops / seminars for Product Owners
  • Workshops / seminars for managers
  • Workshops / seminars for non-software development teams

Complementing services


The following services are not essential for an agile transformation, but are valuable complements:

  • Workshop/Off-site Planning, Structuring and Moderation
  • Workshop/Off-site Moderation
  • Moderation training
  • JIRA Training for working agile
  • JIRA- and Confluence Administration
  • Scrum Assessment

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