How I stay sharp regarding being an agile ambassador, conducting agile coaching and training is by being part of an actual team, walking the talk: Working agile on challenging projects both internally and externally. I consciously divide my time: Forming real teams out of strong (and strong-willed) individual contributors as a ScrumMaster and managing projects and their equally strong-willed stakeholders and leading them to a successful end, as Product Owner or project manager. It’s these projects, products and teams I’ve worked with I draw real world examples and anecdotes from, which in turn make coaching and training more authentic and successful.

I am experienced working in and regularly take on the following roles to be directly in touch with different teams, products and projects:


You have one or more great Product Owner(s), a backlog in whichever early or mature state and some developers? The teams are working or will soon start working on said backlog/project and all that’s missing is a ScrumMaster? As a Certified Scrum Professional® – ScrumMaster for one or two of your projects I’ll be supporting these teams to establish agile best practices while at the same time delivering end-to-end business value early one. Let’s together set us up for product/project success!

Scope: 1-2 teams or 1 Scrum of Scrums (of 6-8 teams)

Time: Duration of a project or program, usually no less than 3 months

Product Management / Product Ownership

Product Management is a broad field: Starting with the groundwork of shaping or creating a product with one team, aligning the work on multiple products with several teams on program level or taking it one level higher and structuring product roadmaps across an entire portfolio. The challenges are plenty. I’ll support you, working agile on each of these levels or across them: Building a product, forming a product team, aligning and collaborating on program and portfolio level. As a Certified Scrum Professional® – Product Owner

I’ve worked across various businesses: Gaming, advertising, digital services, eCommerce, banking, energy providers and am still up to the challenge.

Scope: 1 product or 1 product portfolio

Time: Duration of at least one major release, usually no less than 6 months

(Technical) Project Management / Program Management

Project Manager

You need a Project Manager supporting one or more of your digital projects? I am regularly managing web-, app- or backend-application projects, using agile practices. Fair warning: Depending on time and scope I might not only just manage the project, but will work with the people, too.

Over the course of my career I’ve managed dozens of projects with durations from a few months up to 2 years. What all these projects had in common was that regardless of the setting I was in, I was always working agile, hugely increasing the chances for project success. Getting hands-on in projects, finishing them as part of a team is a great and welcome addition to the Agile Coaching I do. Managing a project, taking care of teams, stakeholders, risks, chances, budgets is where I shine. I also like being responsible for a program, but would appreciate the support of a team of project managers or POs in that role.

Scope: 1 project, potentially covering multiple products or 1 program, covering multiple projects supporting your PMO

Time: Duration of at least one major release, usually no less than 6 months

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