Hello World! Built this site, thanks to a box cutter

This very site is a result of a weird Monday. Building it was long planned (meaning: I had the plan to “eventually do something”), but I just didn’t have time it just didn’t have any priority.

Due to injury it happened that I got more time than I asked for. Gifted so to say. And here’s what happened:

In the morning, I had just gotten ready to go to work, I wanted to open the box of my new Makita electric screwdriver. Thing is: They are closed tight with a really thick cable fixer. No problem: For those I have a really sharp box cutter.

You know how when you watch someone working with those ones you say: “Cut away from the body!” Typically, they then roll their eyes and do it. Because: You are right.

Turns out: Today nobody told me “Cut away from the body!”. And this is how the the really sharp box cutter, after severing the really thick cable fixer, dashed really deeply into my upper thigh.

Ayayayay! If you always wanted to know what things look like inside your thigh, whilst kneeling, then I got something to satisfy your curiosity:

  • The skin is pretty tense, so it doesn’t pose much resistance against pointed things.
  • Directly beneath is something orange.
  • It could also be a different color, but mixed with blood (of which I’m time and time again surprised just how dark it is) it looked orange.

I didn’t investigate any further.

End of story: Screamed “FUUUCK”, followed by “HONEY, QUICK: DRESSING MATERIAL, URGENT!”, three little jumps into the kitchen, grabbed a towel, stretched out the lag, wrapped the towel around, got a professional pressure bandage by Anja, who reacted extremely fast, put the leg up. Fifteen minutes later moved all my work events to tomorrow.

On the upside, just a few hours later this site is finished. New hosting, new WordPress installation, first time multilingual. Nice.

Best comment of the day, by a colleague on Slack:

tomorrow on slack: I wanted to come in today but I screwed my hand with an electric screwdriver

Well… The laugh is always on the loser.

Oh and about this site: This is gonna be my professional site. All content about Agile and Coaching and Agile Coaching will go here. The gaming and private project stuff will remain on kalle-online.net. And of course I also went to see a doctor this afternoon. She only said: “Oh, what a nice straight cut. Straight and nice.” gave me a new bandage and congratulated me on the good job so far. Let’s see what it takes to finish the next piece of content.

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