With over 10 years of experience in software development as a project manager, ScrumMaster, Product Owner, Agile Coaches Team Lead, JIRA-, Confluence- and all kinds of tools administrator, whiteboard-tinkerer and CHO (Chief Handicraft Officer) I have made it my mission to put people at the heart of value creation.

I do both take on responsibility for one or more projects/products and coach/advise on cultural and organizational changes. I believe, that in order to give authentic and valuable advice, staying in touch with project work is vital.

Working agile

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Working agile

Agile Coaching

Helping you to enable agile ways of working throughout your organization and fostering agile mindsets. Agile coaching is more than just telling people how to do things – it’s convincing them why it works.

Scope: From team to company level, from individual contributor to C-level
Time: From few days (kickoff workshop + regular coaching) to 3-6 months on site


As ScrumMaster in one or two of your projects I am supporting your team(s) to establish agile best practices while at the same time delivering end-to-end business value.

Scope: 1-2 teams or 1 Scrum of Scrums (of 6-8 teams)
Time: Duration of a project or program, usually no less than 3 months

Product Management / Product Ownership

Building a new product from a green field, starting with an MVP and iterating on it, or shaping and implementing a product roadmap across an entire portfolio. I’ve worked this across various businesses: Gaming, advertising, digital services, eCommerce, banking, energy providers.

Scope: 1 product or 1 product portfolio
Time: Duration of at least one major release, usually no less than 6 months

(Technical) Project Management / Program Management

Over the course of my career I’ve managed dozens of projects with durations from few months up to 2 years. Managing a project, taking care of teams, stakeholders, risks, chances, budgets is where I shine. I also like being responsible for a program, but would appreciate the support of project managers in that role.

Scope: 1 project, potentially covering multiple products or 1 program, covering multiple projects supporting your PMO
Time: Duration of at least one major release, usually no less than 6 months

Training agile

Workshops / seminars for Managers and Developers

Agile and Scrum Trainings with different focus areas.
For Managers: Focus is on backlogs and alignment and collaboration across product portfolios. (1 to 3 days)
For Developers: Technical excellence and collaboration. (1 to 3 days)
For teams who don’t develop software: Learning how agile practices can be beneficial wherever humans work and solve problems. (1 or 2 days)

JIRA Training for working agile

Whew. This one can’t be explained in a few words. Just to sum it up: Only because people use JIRA, they’re not agile. I can help you avoid common pitfalls. (1 day)

Complementing services

Workshop/Offsite Moderation

Running successful workshops or team offsites and achieving greatness together needs two things: Good preparation and excellent moderation. Let’s do this together! (Event duration +100% preparation time)

JIRA- and Confluence Administration

Setting up JIRA and Confluence for collaboration is great, but administration of these complex tools is complex as well. I can help you weed out an old system or set up a fresh install with you, customize it and teach you how to keep weeds out in the first place. (2 days+ depending on complexity)

Scrum Assessment

Assessing where you stand in your agile transition, helping you find potential improvements regardless of your agile “maturity”, which should be addressed by ScrumMasters or Agile Coaches (*cough* like me) will benefit your team(s) greatly. (2 to 4 weeks)

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