10 years of professional experience as project manager, ScrumMaster, Product Owner, JIRA-Administrator, whiteboard-tinkerer and Agile Coaches Teamlead enable me to offer you a broad range of services:

Agile Coaching

Agile practices are quickly implemented – I want to establish them long-term.
Understanding the ways of working is easy – internalizing the underlying motivation is more difficult.

My agile coaching always starts with “Why” in order to support you in finding sustainable solutions. Together we will make impediments visible and come across known and unknown problems. As an agile coach I’m supporting you in overcoming these challenges.

How can agile coaching help you increase teams’ productivity and the quality of work results? Learn more here (soon).

Workshops / seminars for Managers and Developers

In 1-3 day workshops I convey the basics of working agile. The content is always tailored to the target audience:

For managers the focus is on project planning, project controlling and interaction/communication with the team(s). Also on the agenda: Multi project management, program- and portfolio management. The top priority will be determined in the briefing.

Workshops for developers address some technical aspects of modern software development (Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) and how these go along with agile software development. We’ll work on how a teams’ self organization can work and which practices support the team in that. Most important: How can a team get the mandate to self organize, how do we create trust?

Detailed workshop contents you can find here (soon).

JIRA Training for working agile

Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools
— Agile Manifesto

Why does an agile coach offer JIRA trainings? I’d rather offer trainings on how to work with physical whiteboards, since I prefer and recommend this way of working. One has to acknowledge though: Many companies try to tame growing complexity in their projects using tools.

How to reconcile agile practices and working with JIRA will be shown and explained in this training.

JIRA Administration

Individuals and interactions are important, but that doesn’t mean we should neglect processes and tools. As a tool JIRA needs to help the people in your organization and represent and support your processes. To establish this state is my goal. No company should bend itself over it’s tools.

Having worked as JIRA administrator for years has enabled me to professionally and pragmatically support you in JIRA administration.

Scrum Assessment

Are already working agile? How is the understanding for agile ways of working amongst your employees? Do you see room for improvement and are looking for support?

Together we’ll use objective criteria to evaluate where you stand. I will observe your teams in and outside of meetings and conduct interviews about the development process. You will receive detailed feedback. Afterwards we’ll collaborate potentially even with more participants on where the biggest potential is and how to unleash it.

Here you can (soon) learn more about my ways of working.